Why are we so afraid of casino design?


As the city continues to face the challenges of its burgeoning casino industry, the Indian government has begun to rethink how it designates casino space.

The latest proposal, which was submitted by the government, calls for the creation of an agency tasked with managing the city’s casino industry.

It says that this agency should “provide technical expertise and financial resources” to casino operators and casinos across the country.

The proposal comes as the country continues to struggle with a surge in casino gambling.

In the past two years, the number of slots in India has surged, from 1,000 to more than 3,000, according to the Indian Casino Association.

Indianapolis-based casino developer Sin City Group has a stake in one of the three new casinos that are being built in the country: the Dominion, slated to open next year.

It also has a major stake in MGM Resorts International, the second largest casino operator in the US.

In February, MGM Resort announced that it would expand into the Indian market with the construction of the Dominion.

MGM Resorces will be the first casino in the United States to feature slots that are not on a pedestal, but instead can be used as decks.

The new casino is also designed to allow patrons to interact with the games instead of sitting on the edge of a table.

“This new concept will enhance the casino experience by removing barriers that would hinder the casino’s ability to attract and retain players,” MGM Residences CEO Rob Goldstein said in a statement.

The Dominion casino will be part of the MGM Residence Hotel, the new hotel being built to serve as a temporary venue for MGM Resours’ Indian casino project.

The new hotel will be located in the heart of the city and will include a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool and a hotel-style spa.