Why you should buy a ‘Toy Story’ toy instead of a Lego one


The toys in this post have been modified to improve readability.

The toy industry has been in the throes of a new round of consolidation, as toy companies compete to grab a slice of the $10 billion dollar market.

And with the advent of the “high-tech” toy, toys have gone from being cheap to expensive.

As of early November, the average toy retail price was $7.99, according to ToyBiz, an online toy retailer.

The price of the Lego figures has soared to over $1,000 per piece, with more than 40% of toys sold in the United States priced above that figure.

The Lego set includes many different Lego bricks, but it is also packed with interchangeable parts that can be attached to a character’s body to create new toys.

While there are many Lego figures in the Lego series, the majority of the sets are sold as single pieces.

They are sold in various sizes and colors, and some toys are made entirely of Lego.

To give you an idea of how many of these Lego toys are available, we’ve looked at the top 20 toy retailers in the country, according the Consumerist.

These retailers sell a total of more than 6.5 million Lego figures and accessories, according toy store rankings compiled by the New York Times.

The average Lego toy is available for $14.99.

But you don’t have to go to the toy store to get a good deal.

We’ve also looked at other ways to shop for a Lego toy.

Check out these 10 toy retailers with the most Lego figures, accessories, and figures.


Walmart and Target The most popular toy stores in the U.S. are both Walmart and Toys “R” Us.

Both Walmart and Amazon sell Lego sets.

For instance, the Walmart brand is available at the Walmart stores and the Amazon stores.

Toys “r” Us has a selection of Lego sets for kids as well.

While you can pick up a Lego set at Toys “N” Us or Walmart, there are more than 1,000 different Lego sets available online for sale.

The popular online retailer has partnered with Toys ” R Us to bring new sets to its online store.

The best Lego sets come with interchangeable pieces that can then be attached on the head, arms, and legs of the character.


Amazon and Toys ‘R’ Us Toys ” N “R Us is another big toy retailer, with the top three Lego retailers in America selling Lego sets at an average of $7 a piece.

The top three retailers are Toys “M” (Amazon), Toys “T” (Toys “R”) and Toys R Us (Tru-Fiction).

Toys ” T ” and Toys “” R ” sell Lego pieces as well as the LEGO parts for these sets.

They also have some fun LEGO games and figures available.

The toys at Toys R are more affordable, and the ones that are more expensive can be purchased separately.

However, these toys are not cheap, so it is important to take the price into account.

Toys “”T” and Toys”” R also sell a variety of toys.

Some of the popular toys available are the T-shirts, stickers, and plush toys.

Toys R also has an assortment of different sets available.


Mattel Mattel is one of the most popular companies in the toy industry, with a huge collection of toys, toys and more toys.

Mattels top toy retailers include Toys ” M ” (Mattel), Toys “” M ” and the Mattel Toy Collection.

Toys M also has a huge selection of toys available, including some exclusive and limited-edition toys.

Other popular Mattel toys include the Tumblers, the Mini Tumbler, the M-Ball, the Toybox and the M.E.T. Toys are also selling toys online at a much lower price point.

ToysM is not alone in offering toys online.

Amazon also sells toys online, including exclusive toys, exclusive figures, and limited edition toys.


Walmart Toys “B” and “M” are two other top toy stores.

Walmart is known for its high-quality toys, and Toys M and Toys B are well known for their affordable toys.

Both of these toy stores have their own Lego stores, which is the best way to get the toys you want for your kids.

Toys B and M also have several sets of Lego figures available, along with other toys like toys for children with special needs.

ToysB and M are also partnering up to offer Lego toys for kids with autism.

Toys with autism are at an increased risk for autism and other developmental disorders.

Toys With Autism Toys with Autism is a partnership between Toys With Children, Mattel, and Mattel Toys, a joint venture that provides high-end, fun, and affordable Lego toys to kids with developmental disabilities. is a toy store for kids who have developmental disabilities and their families.

Toys for the Blind is a collaboration