Phoenix Design Firm to open in Utah with plans for 100 employees

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Phoenix Design firm is planning to open a downtown Phoenix design firm with plans to employ 100 people.

The company’s website says it is a “design and development studio specializing in the design of new and existing businesses.”

It is in its third year.

Phoenix Design, which has offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix, is a private, not-for-profit corporation.

The company was founded by a team of former Microsoft executives.

It has offices at 1225 W. North Ave.

in Scotty, the Scotts Valley City Center, the South Mesa location and the Scotty headquarters.

The firm is expected to hire about 50 people by next spring, according to a company statement.

The Phoenix Design company also has offices on the University of Arizona campus.

The Phoenix Design team has not yet announced hiring plans.

The group is seeking funding from the Scottts Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The announcement of the company’s new location comes as Phoenix has been rocked by recent violence.

The latest was an explosion on March 6 that killed six people, including two police officers and a firefighter.

Police said the incident occurred at a restaurant in a strip mall near the Phoenix Convention Center.

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