The 5 Most Powerful Companies In America, And The 3 Most Powerful People In America

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The 5 most powerful companies in America are almost as well-known as the most powerful people in America.

And the three most powerful men in America probably are more well-versed in the topic of the week.

(1) Apple: The world’s most valuable company, the Apple brand and name are synonymous with innovation, creativity, and excellence.

The iPhone is synonymous with power and innovation.

The Apple Watch is synonymous w the same.

Apple has been valued at more than $1 trillion since its inception.

It has been a huge force in the advancement of the personal computing and mobile devices markets.

It’s one of the biggest companies in the world.

(2) Facebook: Facebook is known for creating the social network for the 21st century.

Facebook’s business model has been the perfect storm of Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook has become the world’s largest social media platform, with more than 2 billion active users and more than 8 million paid users.

(3) Google: Google is the world leader in search, information and video.

It is the dominant search engine in the United States.

Google is also the world leading voice-recognition company.

The search engine dominates the internet and is widely used for online shopping, video, and entertainment.

(4) Oracle: Oracle is one of a handful of corporations that has developed a computer architecture known as the “Big Bang” that helped define the Internet.

The Big Bang created the internet, the cloud, mobile computing, social networking, and other technologies.

Oracle is also a global leader in software development.

(5) Twitter: Twitter is one the most popular and well-respected social media platforms.

Twitter is the most-visited and most-shared social media service on the planet.

It hosts more than 100 million users and attracts over 2 billion daily visitors.

(6) Microsoft: Microsoft is the number-one software company worldwide.

It runs many of the world “big” tech companies.

Microsoft has been known to buy up and control other companies.

Its Windows business is now the world market leader in Windows PC sales.

(7) Yahoo!

News: Yahoo!

is one a number of news websites that is owned by Yahoo!



has been used to keep up with news, and it’s also known to have its own news sites.

Yahoo!’s business model includes selling online news products to advertisers.

(8) Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT): Microsoft is one big player in the online advertising business.

Microsoft is also one of America’s largest technology companies.

It competes with Facebook and Google in online advertising.

(9) Coca-Cola: Coca-Coke is one company that is well known for its innovative beverage brands and its worldwide success.

Coca-colas own the Coca-Colas and Pepsi brands, and they also have a large share of the global market for soft drinks.

(10) Microsoft Corporation (NASdaq: MSN): Microsoft’s (NAS) Internet division is the leading company in the technology industry.

Its software business is the largest software development company in America, and its cloud computing business is also very large.

(11) Google Inc. (NYSE: GOOG): Google is a big Internet company, too.

It controls Google, its YouTube, its Gmail and its advertising business, and also owns the search engine.

Google dominates search, YouTube, Google ads, search, Google, Google advertising, and the Google search and video business.

(12) Yahoo (NYSE :YHOO): Yahoo is one part of the Internet giant.

It owns the Internet company Yahoo!, and it has a large market share for online advertising and search.

(13) Twitter Inc.(NASDAQ :TWTR): Twitter is another Internet company.

Its Internet business includes Twitter, its Instagram, its Twitter News Feed, and all of its social media accounts.

(14) Microsoft (NYSE =MSFT): Facebook is a major Internet company too.

Its Facebook is the internet business.

Facebook is also part of Facebook.

Facebook dominates social networking and advertising.

Its LinkedIn is also an online advertising platform.

(15) (NYSE ::AMZN): Amazon.

com is a very large Internet company with about 70 million users worldwide. owns the,, Amazon, and online stores.

(16) Netflix (NAS: NFLX): Netflix is a television and movie company, as well as a movie theater company, and a video streaming service.

Its movie theaters and online services are widely used in the U.S. and internationally.

(17) Facebook Inc. – Facebook is one more Internet company that dominates online advertising, search and social networking.

Facebook shares have more than tripled since it’s inception.

Facebook Inc is the top company in Facebook’s advertising market share.

(18) Microsoft

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