What to do when your product needs to be re-designed

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Design firm Services is looking for a new label design firm to help them create a new design for their brand.

The new firm will work closely with the brand to help the brand achieve new product goals, including product and marketing strategies, customer service and communication, and brand identity.

Services is the first design firm that is looking to re-brand the products that it has produced over the past 10 years.

They have previously re-launched their brand in 2016 after launching a series of new products under the brand, such as a range of kitchen products and an all-in-one food processor.

In 2016, Services also launched their brand with a new range of products, including a range that is designed specifically for women and a range with a range for men.

The brand is seeking a design firm with expertise in digital branding, marketing, and customer service.

If interested in becoming a design partner, please email [email protected]

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