When the architect of the future takes over, the future is australia


Posted July 08, 2019 08:08:10When the architect on the other side of the world comes along with a bold vision and a new way of thinking about design, the world is set for some interesting times.

In the years to come, design and innovation will continue to evolve and thrive in Australia, with new opportunities opening up and new challenges for Australia.

But for those who look to the future with a particular eye, there are many things to look forward to.

In 2017, the Australian architect and futurist James Condon created an international design competition for Australians to design a new “future” city for the future.

The winner of the competition was AECOM’s design for Sydney, and was named the Australian Architectural Development Corporation (AEDC).

“This is a city where we can have a city centre that is the place for everything, where people can live, work, visit and spend their time,” Condon said.

“It’s a city that we can build for all Australians and a city we can be proud of.”

For a city with a history of growth and diversity, Sydney has some challenges in keeping pace with its burgeoning population.

The city’s population is growing faster than any other in Australia and with a growing population, there is a demand for accommodation, shops and places to eat.

“What we need is a place that has the same density, but that’s in a way that makes sense for a population of 6 million,” Cordon said.

For the next two decades, Sydney is being re-engineered to make room for a growing and growing number of people, while keeping the city vibrant.

“There is going to be an opportunity for Sydney to grow, for the economy to grow and for people to live here and to have a vibrant place,” CORDEN said.

He also pointed out that the city has to make it easier for people and businesses to get to and from work, because it’s so big and has so many people.

Condon said the new design for the city was “the first step in getting that right”.

“This means we have to look at what is the infrastructure and how we can make it work,” he said.

But there’s still more to come.CORDEN says there’s an opportunity to build a city in Australia that’s unique and new and that will be more sustainable than many cities.

“We need to take a look at the environment that’s being created, because the environmental issues in Sydney are going to continue to be a huge challenge in the years ahead,” he added.

“And the challenges we have are not necessarily in terms of building more housing, they’re not necessarily just about climate change.”

I think we have an opportunity here to build an Australian city that is unique, exciting and new.

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