‘Flawed’ Westside design makes Westside ‘not a Westside’


Westside’s ‘faulty’ West Side design could be a factor in the company’s woes, the head of a design firm said.

Westside is in the midst of a redesign effort that could result in a new design for the company that would be more similar to its current buildings than the brand has shown up so far, said John Lees, a partner at architectural firm McLean, and the head and creative director of Westside Design Inc. “They are not a Wests side,” he said.

Westside has shown off several designs in the past, including one that was designed by the firm, but it hasn’t done anything like the ones it has been showing off this week.

Instead, Westside has been using a new rendering, called Westside 2.0, designed by architects Robert Barchi and John Lee.

Lees said he was not sure what the changes to the rendering would mean for Westside and that it might not be the final renderings, which will likely be shown at a West Side Celebration next week.

The new Westside would have the building’s facade and exterior design, which Lees said is much different from the existing Wests Side design, as well as the facades of the building and the office space.

In other words, it would look much more like the existing buildings than Wests has shown so far.

Lees pointed out that the renderings show Wests new West Side 2.2 building as a building that is more like Wests building than it is like the current Wests 2.1 design.

A rendering of Wests West Side building, which is slated to open in 2018.

It will be a “much more modern, contemporary building” in the way it will be used, Lees told The Times.

He said Westside hasn’t been able to replicate the look of the existing design yet because Wests hasn’t had the right people with the right skills to do that.

Wests is already under fire for not having the right team to do the job of designing the Wests design, and Lees pointed to the Westside building as an example.

The new building will be larger than the current structure, he said, which would mean that it will take up more floor space.

Les said Wests could use the new building to add a parking lot or to create more office space if they choose to.

He added that Wests also has been trying to attract a design agency to help with the design, but the firm has not yet been invited.

That’s the problem for Wests, Leers said.

Wests needs to find a creative agency to design a design for this building, but they haven’t had that agency on board yet.

Leets office space is part of the West Side celebration in Las Vegas this weekend, which he described as a “must-attend” event for West Side.

McLean, which also designed Wests’ 2.5-acre site in Southfield, has worked with Wests on several projects, including a renovation of the Southfield Community Center, which was closed for renovation work last year.

But he said he doesn’t think Wests can do the same kind of work on a larger scale, and that the company will need to hire a design studio or have a partner to help do the work.

Merrill Lynch, which owns Westside, declined to comment.