How to get your design firm to design Boise for the Olympics

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— The biggest companies in Boise will get an Olympic nod for their new office buildings.

Boeing Co., General Motors Co. and Boeing are all getting an Olympic building for their headquarters, while Siemens AG will build a new office building in downtown Boise.

The three companies are all winning the bids to build new Olympic-sized buildings in Boise for 2018.

“They are going to be a major presence here,” said Greg Johnson, president of the Boise Chamber of Commerce.

“They’re going to get an opportunity to help build this city and it’s going to benefit all the surrounding neighborhoods.

We’re really excited about it.

And we really think it’s a great place to work.”

The three bids will build the new buildings on existing commercial space that has already been cleared.

The bids are for $10 billion, with $6 billion for the Boise International Airport and $5 billion for a new stadium.

The new buildings are expected to be completed by 2020.

The International Olympic Committee has awarded a total of $1.9 billion for Olympic construction.

The bids come after a long and difficult process that took almost six years to approve.

The winning firms were awarded a $1 billion loan guarantee from the federal government.

They also got permission to use the Boise Convention Center as their headquarters.

“We’re very pleased that they were able to come forward with the bids,” said Michael Devereaux, the president of The National Sports Construction Council.

“This is an opportunity for them to build a large, successful, and successful facility that is going to make a positive impact on our city.”

Boein and General Motors are also building two other new buildings.

The firms won the bids for $2 billion.

The companies also won an $8 million federal grant for the $4.2 billion project.

“I think this will be an excellent place to do business and I think we’re going do a great job,” said Mark O’Connell, the chairman of The Boise Chamber.

“We’ll be working very closely with the city and we’ll be providing all of the information they need for our project.”

The city says the new hotels will be completed in the coming months and will also have an Olympic theme.

The Idaho Gaming Commission approved the plans to build the hotels, which are expected for 2019.

The cities’ bid includes more than 2,200 hotel rooms, including 1,600 for the athletes, and about 1,800 for employees and guests.

The Olympic-themed hotels are expected come with an additional 1,200 rooms for the visitors and residents.

The bid was approved with support from the Idaho Gaming and Lodging Association.

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