A look at the new avroko,avio and rafid design firms

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Medical News Now title A new aviroko, avio and Rafid design firm will be entering the medical device market article Medical news today article A new company called Avroko is set to launch its first device in the U.S. and will be based in San Francisco.

The company, based in Oakland, California, will be the first medical device maker to offer a product with an implantable cardiac pacemaker.

Avroko has designed and manufactured implantable devices since the 1990s and it is the largest company in the industry.

Avoko’s latest product, the AvioK, is a cardiac pacifier that works by recording electrical activity from the heart, using electrocardiograms, and transmitting it to an implanted electronic chip.

It works with the new implantable device called AvioX.

AvioK is a “premium” cardiac paceman which is not a “luxury” product, Avrokos CEO said in a statement.

It will be used to treat patients with a wide range of conditions, including cancer, coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest, and severe neurological and psychiatric problems, he said.

Avos, the company’s name, is pronounced “ah-vos.”

Avrokos said the device will offer an improved fit and comfort for patients.

It will be designed to fit patients in the chest and to work in a more natural manner, Aviokos CEO Robert Schwalbach said.

He said that the company has also started a trial with the goal of getting the device in as many hospitals as possible.

Avarokos is also planning to offer an affordable product in the near future, Schwalach said.

The device’s makers say the device’s size and price are based on market demand.

The FDA said Avrokos’ products are designed to meet the needs of a broad range of patients.

The FDA is reviewing the product’s safety, efficacy, and the possibility of safety and effectiveness.

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