Can I get a discount on my next design project?

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Design firms have been asking for discounts on new projects in a bid to improve the quality of their work, with some offering up to 75% off a design.

The aim is to attract talented people and create the best possible designs.

But there’s a catch: design is not necessarily a career, and the company may not be able to provide an accurate quote.

“Design is not a profession,” said Mark Smith, a senior consultant with Design Matters.

“If you’re not passionate about your job, the chances are that you’re going to end up doing something you’re more concerned about than the results.”

While some companies may offer up to a 50% discount on a project, others might only offer a 15% discount, according to Mark Smith.

“It depends on the company,” he said.

“There are companies that are really good at giving you a discount, but it’s really about the quality and quality of the work.”

While you may not have to give up on your design career, it might not be the same as finding work in the field.

“You can end up working for somebody else and that might lead to a different experience,” Smith said.

It’s not just design firms that are struggling to find quality designers.

“I think there are a lot of agencies out there that are doing really bad job,” said Heather Smith, who works for the Design Matters consulting company.

“They’re not even providing you with the right type of training or the right tools or the appropriate education to help you grow your career.”

For example, if you’ve never designed before, the best advice is to get a design school and get experience with the clients that are looking for designers.

You might not end up going into design, but you’ll be able see how it all works.

“We can get you to be an expert designer in just a few months of training,” Smith added.

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