Halifax’s top-selling designer and artist are headed to Canada


HALLANDALE, Nova Scotia (AP) Nova Scotia’s top selling designer and artists are heading to Canada to sell their wares on a site that aims to bring in $50 million in sales in the next two years.

The Halifax-based Design Nova Scotia is going to take a 20% stake in the company.

It’s part of a new venture that is being led by Canadian designer and art collector Mark Nisbet and is being billed as a new business model for the art market.

“We think the art business is going through a period of significant growth in the past couple of years, but the art world is still very fragmented and there’s so many things to be done,” Nisbit said.

Nisbet said he and his wife have been spending a lot of time on the road.

They have a big house in Halifax that they’re buying in order to rent it out for the weekend.

The Nisbits have a large home in Toronto that they have renovated.

They’re spending a great deal of time at their Toronto home, but they are also spending a significant amount of time traveling across Canada.

“I’ve been very busy, really, on the way home from Toronto.

I’ve been working on a new project for my studio, and I’m in a very busy state of mind,” he said.

The Nisbetts are looking to take on the big-box retailers and big-time online retailers in the Canadian market, which they believe is being underserved by designers and artists.

“If you want to create a brand, you’ve got to go to a brick and mortar, and there are very few retailers that actually take that brand on,” Nissbetts said.

Design Nova Scotia has already signed up some major retailers, including the U.K.’s Asda, the French chain Carrefour and H&M.

It also has signed up a few smaller online brands like Etsy, Etsy Canada and Etsy Japan.

Nissbets wife, Heather, is a designer, and he said he’s really excited about the opportunity to create something new and different.

“The design space is very fragmented in this country, and we think it’s a huge opportunity,” Nisaets wife said.