Google announces its acquisition of progressive design firm,mechanical design firm

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Google is adding a progressive design studio to its growing team.

The tech giant has signed a three-year agreement with Progressive Design, which helps design startups like Dontnod Entertainment, Epic Games and Blizzard Entertainment develop games.

Progressive Design was founded in 2016 by Chris Hargreaves, the former chief technology officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“With progressive design as a focus, we will work with our teams to build innovative and fun experiences for our fans and the wider gaming community,” Hargroves said in a statement.

“I’m excited to have Progressive Design on our team, where we can work together to deliver the most innovative and interactive games and experiences to our fans, while continuing to innovate in the design space.”

The acquisition comes as Google seeks to expand its portfolio of games and other services.

The company has already acquired game design studio Naughty Dog and its design-focused design studio, Mondo.

In its statement, Progressive Design said it was excited to work with Google.

“Google has a deep love of interactive design, and we look forward to collaborating on some of its more ambitious projects,” Progressive Design CEO Kevin Dolan said.

“Our mission is to help game developers bring their visions to life with the most sophisticated, fun and interactive experiences available.”

In addition to progressive design, Google has a growing portfolio of other software design firms.

The tech giant acquired developer Redwood Digital last year, and the developer recently announced it will work on Google Glass, a wearable computer that has a projector and camera.

The announcement came after Google revealed it had purchased developer Waze, an app that allows users to find local businesses, restaurants and other information.

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