How to be the most awesome woman in tech


If you want to be awesome at your job, here are the steps.


Find the right company.

“If you’re looking for a company that will take you to the next level and will help you advance, the next question that comes to mind is, ‘What do they do?'” says Kaitlyn Dickson, co-founder and CEO of Design Studio, a new design and prototyping firm in Los Angeles.

“But if you want an agency that will build your skills and build your brand, you have to find a place that you really care about and you can’t wait to work for.”

The same goes for tech companies.

“It’s like, ‘Where are you?

Where are you going?’

So if you’re in the Bay Area, that’s a pretty good place to start,” Dickson says.


Find a partner.

“I think one of the biggest mistakes a lot of women make is thinking that they need to be with a man.

I think a lot [women] think that if they go to a man’s agency they’ll be ‘just another girl,'” Dickson adds.

“They think that they have to make their own way, they’re going to be a virgin, they can’t have any feelings, and they don’t need to have a lot to say.

They don’t have to feel good.

But I think the reality is that you have more power than that.”


Build your own skillset.

“You can’t really have a career in tech unless you’re a really good engineer,” Denton says.

“When you build yourself, you’ll be able to start your own businesses.

You can start your business from scratch.

You’ll have more control.

You have a bigger impact.”


Find partners.

“The first thing you have is a partner,” Dixie says.

For Design Studio’s new offices in Los Feliz and Pasadena, Dickson’s team works with local partners, including designers from companies like Pinterest, Etsy, and Pinterest Labs.

“We’ve had incredible people come in to work with us,” she says.

Dickson also works with startups that are growing by providing software services like mobile-first design tools and mobile-ready products.


Create a portfolio.

“People who want to work at a startup are really drawn to the work that they can do,” she adds.

“[We’re] the kind of people who love to design.

We’re people who can write.

We are really focused on the design.

But the most important thing we have is the experience of being able to build a portfolio of things.”

The company also works in partnership with clients who want their tech teams to create a portfolio, which they can share with the company, Denton explains.

“There’s nothing more valuable to a startup than an open and honest relationship,” Dison says.


Be the company’s ambassador.

“Women don’t often get to go to their own company.

They get to work on the other side of a glass wall,” Denny says.

The goal of the firm is to provide a place where women can connect and collaborate, so that they will always be in the loop.

“In a lot the cases, the women are the only ones who can be in contact with the team, so they don’st get to see what’s happening,” Danton says.


Have fun.

“Every time you have a meeting, it’s a good time to take a break and have fun,” Dickson says.

Design Studio offers free, in-person meetups, where you can get to know the other women in the space.

“And I would love to see [other] women go to these events.

We think it’s very important that women be able, if they want to, to meet other women, and it’s also very important to be able meet other people who want you to meet,” she notes.


Have a good day.

“Once you get to that point, it doesn’t matter how you feel,” Diesonsh says.

And that’s really important.

“That’s the reason we have to have fun and be awesome, and not feel like you’re not an amazing person,” Dennysh says, adding that the best way to succeed in tech is to not let your ego get in the way of success.


Know your role.

“Sometimes you just have to be in a good place,” Dernysh adds.

The company offers a variety of mentoring opportunities, from coaching sessions to networking events.

“One of the great things that I love about [designing] is that I get to share my work with other designers and other engineers,” she explains.


Know that you’re unique.

“Designers have this idea that if you are a woman, you’re going be invisible,” Densh says of the assumption that a woman designer is just an average employee, like a barista.

“No, you aren