The Chicago Design Firm’s $25 Million Investment Will Help Shape Future Of U.S. Cities


A design firm is getting a $25 million investment from the federal government that will make it more accessible to students with disabilities.

The U.N. Development Program announced Tuesday that it has invested $25.5 million in the Chicago-based Design Firm.

The program will help build the firm’s digital and print platforms and expand the company’s reach.

The investment comes as design firms are struggling to expand their digital and digital media platforms, according to the U.K.-based International Council for Visual Arts.

The organization is working with some 30 digital design firms around the world.

The design firm’s goal is to develop an online presence for students with learning disabilities.

The digital platform will enable students to access content that is relevant to their needs and engage with experts in the field to learn more about their challenges.

The firm will also collaborate with colleges and universities across the country to promote literacy, numeracy and numeracy skills.

The organization has been working to make the digital platform accessible to its clients for more than five years, according the agency.

The agency said the agency plans to develop a new platform to help students who are learning to read and write.

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