How to make your own building design: This is how you’ll do it


It seems that there’s a growing trend for people to create their own buildings, but they typically spend a lot of time and money.

A new report by Gensler Design is calling for a new kind of design approach, one that focuses on a “stakeholder-driven approach,” in which the client’s needs and preferences are not the only criteria.

This is something that Genslers cofounder and co-founder James Green said he’d like to see more companies take advantage of.

“Building design is a process that’s really about creating an environment where people have an opportunity to be part of the design process,” Green said.

“The challenge with the current system is that the client has the final say.”

It’s a change that Gersler is working to address with a new project called “Building Design,” which aims to help architects create “a truly community-focused design experience” for their clients.

The company will offer the new approach to designers through its “building design for community” program.

Building Design aims to provide a framework for designing for a diverse and diverse clientele.

Gensers founder and cofounder James Greens says he wants to create a model for how to do this.

“The design of your building has to be about the people that live in the building,” Green told Business Insider.

“What do you want people to experience when they walk into your building?

What are their expectations for that space?

What do they want in their building?

The more people you have in that building, the more your design will feel like a community.””

I’m really trying to think of a way to create this place where people can be part in the design and the process of building a building,” he said.

Genslers team will offer its own customized design templates, which include everything from a basic “home office” design, to a more expansive office space, and even a “living room.”

Gensler will also provide templates for building owners to use in their own designs.

The project will offer both a “builder’s guide” and a “community-centered design” template, which Green says will allow a builder to create something that feels like a real community building.

“Building design for communities is really important for the design of new structures and buildings,” Green explained.

“It’s really important that architects can get in touch with the communities they work with and talk about what the goals are of their projects and what they’re going to achieve in terms of the way people live and work there.”

Building Design will launch in late 2017.

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