Why is Google searching for ‘Google’ to identify your ad?

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By now you’ve probably seen this ad: In this Google-powered ad, you can see that Google has found the ads you’re interested in.

Google’s “search for” search bar allows users to see what other search engines are searching for in a particular search.

The “Google” search box is typically the most searched word or phrase in Google searches, and can be used by advertisers to search for ads based on keywords or phrases.

To see what you’re searching for, Google searches for a phrase, then the search bar shows up to the right of it, along with a list of results, with the most relevant results to the query.

This ad has a Google-based ad-targeting service that works with other ad-search engines to narrow down your search results, including a search for a specific keyword.

The ad also lists the most popular results from Google search results that match your query.

You can also use Google’s search bar to see how other search services have identified your ad.

Advertisers can use the Google AdSense Search API to find ads that are relevant to their campaigns.

By default, Google’s AdSense Ad Manager and Google Search Ads API, which Google sells to advertisers, will only show ads related to a specific query, but users can choose to include a search term in their ads.

As of today, you’ll need to use the AdSense search bar in Google’s ads, as Google has only recently begun to allow advertisers to set their own search filters in ads.

You can search for your own keywords, phrases, or search terms in the Adsense search bar.

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