What we know so far about the new MacBook Pro


The new MacBook Pros come with some of the most advanced graphics, the most powerful CPUs, and the most expensive RAM ever on an Apple product.

But Apple has also been slowly rolling out software updates, including an update that includes a new feature that makes it possible to install a new app and customize the look of your Mac.

AppleInsider got in touch with two people familiar with the Mac OS X 10.12.3 update to learn more about what’s new in this week’s update.

We already know the new OS X version of the new Pro is faster and more power-efficient than the previous version, which is good news for the new machines, which can run at speeds of up to 2.4GHz.

It also supports a wide range of GPU technologies, including AMD Radeon GPUs, Nvidia GeForce GPUs, and Intel Xeon processors.

But we also know that the new version of Mac OS is significantly smaller than the older Pro, which means that it’s a lot easier to use.

We also know Apple has been improving its operating system for years, and it’s always possible it will update the OS again in the future.

The update for Mac OS 10.11.5, for example, adds a number of features to the OS and fixes bugs.

We’re also seeing some performance improvements for older machines running Mac OS versions prior to 10.10, which Apple says is a result of better memory management.

It’s worth noting that Mac OS, as with any operating system, can only handle so many graphics cards at once.

The new Mac Pro is also significantly thinner, with a chassis that measures about the same as the MacBook Pro.

The aluminum case has been updated with the familiar Apple logo.

The redesigned MacBook Pro’s chassis is also a lot thinner than the one on the Pro.

It now measures just 1.2 inches (3.8 centimeters), down from 2.3 inches (6.2 centimeters) when it first went on sale.

Apple says it’s significantly thinner than before, but we haven’t seen anything with a 10.5-inch screen like the new machine, which might explain the difference in thickness.

The new Mac Pros are lighter than before and can be configured to run either Intel’s new Haswell-E processors or AMD’s Ryzen processors.

The updated Mac OS has also gotten a number on-screen enhancements.

The OS now includes a feature that enables you to use a touchpad, a feature previously only available on keyboards, in a new way.

The touchpad can now be configured as a trackpad, and you can even assign an icon to it to indicate when you’re typing.

The Mac Pro’s keyboard also now features an LED display for easy access to the keys, and Mac OS can now use touch sensors to show you what the touchpad is doing.

Finally, Apple has added a number or a symbol to the Dock icon on the bottom right of the dock.

Previously, you had to click and drag to select the icon.

Now, you can simply press the button.

If you’ve ever owned an Apple laptop or desktop, you’ll probably appreciate the new Dock icon, which has a number next to it.

That number or symbol indicates the current status of the Dock, and in addition to being the name of the application or service that you’re currently using, it also indicates whether it’s running in the background or not.

You can also choose to show a small icon next to the icon indicating that you can’t access the Dock.

The Mac Pro has also got a number for the current wallpaper, the default wallpaper on a MacBook Pro, and a couple more.

Apple has included a notification bar in the Dock with the name and icon of the current app or service, along with a brief description of the app.

If there’s a new Mac OS update, we’ll post it here.