Which design firms are leading the way in branding?

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An interesting survey of design firms has been published by marketing consulting firm Wunderlich and Co. This survey provides a glimpse at the way the industry is evolving, with some notable findings.

According to the study, some of the biggest companies are working on some of their own branding projects.

In the survey, which was conducted by Wunderich and Co., the companies were asked what they are working with for branding purposes and what they would like to see in a future report.

The top five firms were asked which brands they would be interested in collaborating with and which brands would be most important to their clients.

They were asked to rate the effectiveness of each brand in its own right, as well as how they think the branding industry is trending in the near future.

Wunderlich & Co. surveyed more than 700 of the world’s top marketing firms, finding that the industry was shifting rapidly.

While the most recent survey, released in October, showed the design industry on a steady upward trajectory, the trend may be shifting in the future.

The study found that the number of brand-related companies in the U.S. rose by 20 percent in the last year alone.

Companies like Dixons, Vibram, and Dior are taking up the mantle of branding.

Companies that specialize in marketing, social media, and social media marketing have been the most visible and visible brands in the industry.

The trend is clearly changing, as these firms are increasingly being seen by consumers as part of the solution to the problems facing our society.

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