The names of India’s top-ranked design firms is the most popular

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The names of the most-loved Indian firms have become so ubiquitous that the names of many of them have become synonymous with the country’s design sector, according to a report by a leading industry body.

The top-ranking firms, with an average net worth of Rs 1,500 crore each, include:Glamour (India), which has a net worth worth of $400 crore;Lampshade Design (India) which has an average worth of about $500 million;and Aarti (India).

The names that have become a favourite of the Indian public include:Shaunna (Nigeria) which is owned by a former chairman of the company who is the current chairman of BSNL;P.V. Narayanan (India, chief executive of a large financial services company) who is a close associate of the prime minister; and Manish Jha (India’s largest online e-commerce company).

The companies, which collectively make up one of the top 10 companies in India, are among the most valuable in the world, with net worths of more than $2 trillion.

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