‘My family are dying’: The Australian architects who created the world’s first homes

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With a house for every taste and size, Sydney-based firm Bellingham Design is making the transition from architectural to social design.

Key points:The company has a large design studio in Melbourne and is also developing a large-scale design studio for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)The firm says it has a huge number of clients around the worldThe design studio will create custom homes and homes for homeless people and their familiesThe firm has already designed the first-ever home for an Australian homeless familyThe first-of-its-kind home will be for the homeless group, and will be called “The Place”.

The new home will include a kitchen, bathroom and a garden, and is set to be built on an existing site in the ACT’s Central Coast.

The studio’s new owners are building it with Australian architect and former ABC News executive Mark Ridsdale, who has previously designed Sydney’s Sydney Opera House and Melbourne’s Great Hall of Fame.

The Australian architects will design the building from scratch and create a number of customised versions of existing homes and apartments, the company said.

“The project is an important first step towards creating a truly Australian home, one that is a testament to the resilience of people and communities around the country, and reflects the vision and commitment of our team to build a home that is accessible, beautiful and inclusive for all who live and work in Sydney,” Mr Ridsdales said.

The company says it will have an initial staff of about 50 people working on the design, but hopes to build more staff in the future.

“We are building a home where we believe it will become the place of the last place people will ever be,” Mr Dettas said.

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