What’s next for ESPN Crave? The Crave team gets in on the fun


Crave has just released a new ad that highlights the company’s continued commitment to the web design world.

The spot is an instant hit with viewers, and it shows the company still knows how to put a dash of fun into its ads, despite being a new company. 

The spot features a pair of friends playing tag on a playground. 

“We all want to make fun, but some of us have to make it work in a real way,” one of the characters says.

“We’re all here for one thing: to make a good game.” 

The other character, meanwhile, is trying to make sure his friends have fun too.

“Let’s be like a kid’s tag team,” he says.

The pair go on to play a game that uses the tag “Crave.” 

After the game, the duo gets back to the playground and watch a movie, which is also a fun little diversion.

“It’s a great time, kid,” one friend says.

The tag is an ad that has long been a favorite of the ESPN Crain team. 

They first started using the term in 2012, when they launched their own website for the brand, where users could add a tag to any story or video they liked.

That’s a pretty common strategy for brands looking to stay relevant in a changing media landscape. 

Now, with their own ad department, Crave is bringing the tag back to their website. 

Crave has also rebranded the tag to Crave Sports, and in the past year or so, the brand has released ads that show off their brand of basketball and golf. 

A brand spokesperson told Crave that the new ad is “not an endorsement” of the brand or any of the content on the site.

There are plenty of other ways to spend your money on the web, and Crave isn’t the only brand looking to capitalize on the trend. 

Dish is looking to use the tag as well.

The ad uses the word “Dish,” along with a picture of a basketball court, and a caption saying, “We want to take your game to the next level.” 

And, of course, there’s the popular Google+ hashtag, #crave, that has gained a cult following among sports fans for its catchy tag line.