Kentucky designer firm creates new Kentucky-inspired apparel brand


Kentucky-based design firm, KENTUCKY CREATIVE, is teaming up with boutique clothing brand, KENNY’s, to create new Kentucky inspired apparel and accessories, the company announced.

The company will begin offering its brand as a single line in October.

“Kenny’s is known for its high quality and customer service, and we feel like it’s important to share our brand with a brand that’s going to have an impact on everyone,” said Kristi F. Kennedy, CEO of the KENTUKY CREATORS CO., LLC, which is the company behind the new line.

The brand will debut at the Kentucky Farmers Market and at select retail outlets throughout Kentucky and in the Southeast region.

The new line is a collaboration between KENTucky CREATOR and the company’s namesake brand, Kenny’s, the brand’s chief marketing officer, Ashley Smith, said in a statement.

“It’s a great fit for the KFC brand, as Kenny’s is a family-owned business that has been in business since 1908,” Smith added.

“We are thrilled to partner with KENNEY’s to bring Kenny’s into the KENY’s family.”

KENYS’ NEW COLORWAY NEW YORK-based designer, KENNEDY’S, announced earlier this year it was launching a new line of designer, clothing and accessories.

The clothing line, featuring a mix of designer jeans, sneakers, hats, boots and accessories will be available starting Oct. 1.

“There’s nothing like being part of a great brand like KENRYS,” said Kathy L. Kewan, founder and CEO of KENYA’S CREATIVE AND DESIGN CORP., a division of KENNESAW CREATORY CO., LTD.

The line will include a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, cotton/spandex, cotton, linen, cotton flannel, wool, wool flannel and synthetic blends, Kewans statement said.

“Every KENEYS member of the team will be in our shoes,” said Kewanson.

“This is a brand I’ve always loved and want to continue to work with.

I can’t wait to start wearing this amazing material in my daily life.”

KENNIES NEW COLLABORATION WITH JONES’ NEW FARMERS MARKET IN TEXAS NEWS A new partnership with a popular American farmers market in Texas is drawing comparisons to a Kentucky designer.

The “Farmers Market” is a weekly gathering of small farmers who sell their produce and goods in the market’s plaza.

The farmers market is a great place to learn more about the local and state markets, said Tim Larkin, the head of K-Dynamics, a Texas-based retailer specializing in locally grown, organic, sustainable products.

“I can’t imagine that a Kentucky brand could make a similar statement,” Larkin said.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky Kentucky Farmer’s Market confirmed that KENKYS and KENDAYS had recently entered into a partnership.

“The farmers market at the KKY Farmers Market in West Kentucky is a vibrant, friendly, family-friendly atmosphere that offers a wide variety of vendors and specialty products for sale,” said Becky J. Pomerantz, the manager of the local farmers market.

“Whether it’s fresh produce, local foods or seasonal produce, you’ll find something to love.”

“I’m so excited to have Kenny’s on board,” said Larkin.

“When you think about Kentucky, you think of its farmers and small business people, and Kenny’s has always been a great partner.”

KENTY’s NEW COSTUME COLLUSION NEWS Kentucky designer and designer, Kenney’s, announced today that it has partnered with fashion brand, BOWLED WING, to launch a line of fashionable, quality, high-quality footwear, which includes a new pair of shoes that are crafted from the same leather as KENYDOS new colorway.

“Our collaboration with Bowled Wing was a natural fit, and the collaboration will have a significant impact on KENYNX and the KENDYS community,” said Kennys senior creative director, Jason Koeppen, in a press release.

“Bowled Wing is known worldwide for producing high quality products that are designed and made in the USA.

With a focus on quality, the shoes we are making with Bowles will not only look good on you, but will be a great way to show off your KENYOUS style, style and fashion.”

Keny’s new colorways will be unveiled on Sept. 11 at the Lexington Farmers Market, and will be sold in stores, online and at the farmers market’s store.

The boots will be made from a unique blend of natural and synthetic leathers that are blended together in an additive-free process, according to the release.

In addition to being available at the Farmers Market for the first time, the