How to write a book without a publisher


It seems like every book I buy is published somewhere.

If I wanted to make a book that I wanted people to buy, I would write it myself.

The process of creating a novel requires a lot of work and planning.

I write a novel as a series of chapters, but I also have a pre-written story that I can always refer back to for inspiration.

As an example, I’m currently writing a book about my first encounter with the internet, and I’ve decided that this is the story I want to tell.

In order to make this book, I needed to know a lot about the internet and what the internet is, so I’ve used the internet to explain a lot.

This book is a bit like a book of letters, but it’s written in an ebook format, so you can actually read it.

You can read it for free on your iPad or Kindle, and you can even buy it through Amazon if you want to read it on a Kindle.

It’s an interesting book to make, because it’s a really different kind of novel.

We can talk about the story behind it at length, but what really caught my eye was the writing.

There are three main chapters in this book: The First Chapter is about how I met a girl in college who would become my best friend.

Chapter 2 is a memoir of how I became obsessed with technology and how I ended up writing this book.

And chapter 3 is the epilogue.

What follows is an excerpt from that book.